Biomaqui is a company specialized in the cultivation of maqui, and the production of plants through the use of plant biotechnology, genetic improvement and molecular biology, and the processing and marketing of the fruit.


Years of experience in the plant production sector.
We have modern vitroplant production facilities with high production capacity.
Specialized nurseries for the adaptation of the plants to the external environment.
Analytical laboratories for the certification of genetic purity and phytosanitary control of all our plant material.
Specialists knowledgeable about this crop who advise you on all aspects related to maqui production.


Biomaqui represents the combination of innovative biotechnological techniques for the production of quality plants and advanced marketing lines for the marketing of the fruit:

  • Obtaining new varieties better adapted to those areas with limiting factors for their cultivation.
  • Carrying out numerous trials associated with improving the agronomic management of this crop.
  • New products and presentation of the maqui fruit in constant evolution.
  • Immersed in various research projects with scientific institutions for the maximum conservation of the properties of the fruit.


Biomaqui, formed by personnel with extensive experience and knowledge in the cultivation of maqui.
His great commitment and professionalism has allowed us to position ourselves in the market and continue our development.
Biomaqui is the pioneering company in Europe both in obtaining high-quality in vitro plants and in developing the best techniques for growing maqui.

Genetic improvement

Our staff develops their own genetic improvement lines, and offers tailored technical assistance services in plant improvement programs to entities that want collaboration and the development of a high-level project that allows them to obtain rapid and economic results.


  • We have our own production laboratory with the capacity to produce 800,000 plants per year.
  • Culture rooms, greenhouses and nurseries to complete all phases of in vitro
  • An analytical laboratory equipped with the most advanced technology and equipment.
  • The whole process is led by highly qualified scientific-technical personnel with extensive experience in the propagation of various crops of great agro-industrial interest, and especially in the maqui.


Nurseries equipped with the highest technology and with the most innovative equipment.

To guarantee the production of plants of excellent physiological and phytosanitary quality, and with the least environmental impact.

And perfectly adapted to survive and grow in field conditions.

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We offer maqui plants with a certificate of genetic authenticity, free of viruses, pests and other pathogens.

The knowledge of its traceability allows us to guarantee its excellent quality.


We offer our clients one and two years old plants.The one-year-old are young plants that quickly adapt to their new environment.
Two-year-old plants are more resistant to inclement weather.
We have a limited production to guarantee the quality of the final product, so we advise you to reserve your plants in advance


Biomaqui, a pioneering company in the use of the most innovative biotechnological techniques to obtain in vitromaqui plants.
Experts in the study and knowledge of the best and most specific agronomic applications for this species.
For this reason, we offer the best services and advice in order to obtain the highest profitability from maqui plantations.

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Specialists in this crop, we elaborate customized and personalized business plans for all those clients interested in the production of maqui fruits.

These plans reflect all the costs that will be incurred in obtaining the plants, establishing the crop and the expected income so that the client can know their benefits in advance.


At Biomaqui, research plays a major role and actively contributes to the advancement and development of the company.

Proof of this are the different R & D &i projects, both individually and in collaboration, developed by our research team with the aim of obtaining new varieties and optimizing the management of Maqui plantations.

Cost effectiveness

Maqui can be a very profitable business for your company due to:

  • Great nutritional potential
  • Its known medicinal properties.
  • The diversity of presentation and forms of commercialization.
  • The current availability of new varieties with high productive potential.
  • The growing popularity achieved by the maqui in various geographical areas.

To get an idea, Chile, which is the main exporter, annually doubles its exports.


It’s based on:

  • The application of the latest advances in science and technology to our production process.
  • The respect to the environment.
  • Compliance with quality standards for the multiplication of in vitro plants, production of agricultural plants, research and development in the nursery sector, propagation of new species and innovative improvement techniques, in addition to the accreditation of the Environmental Quality Policy.
  • Development of turnkey projects, not only do we produce and deliver quality plants but we advise throughout the investment and production process until the harvest is obtained


We offer sustainable solutions that allow:

  • Improve environmental quality.
  • Soil preservation.
  • Reduce the collection of wild fruits, sustenance of the local Chilean fauna.
  • The increase in genetic diversity, making available to our clients various improved genotypes.
  • Obtaining products of great nutritional value and various medicinal and natural uses.
  • Have specific agro-technical methods that take into account the specific characteristics of each area, to reduce the application of plant protection products.