Maqui, the superfruit

Considered a superfruit not only for its exquisite flavor but also for its exceptional health benefits such as its powerful antioxidant capacity, lowering blood glucose, being astringent, anti-inflammatory, pain reliever and intestine scrubber, among others.

Why growing the maqui?

  • Growing world demand for natural products beneficial to health.
  • The demand for maqui has grown enormously in recent years, mainly due to its excellent antioxidant properties.
  • Maqui could become a very profitable business.
  • Diversity of formulations: It can be marketed as fresh, freeze-dried fruit, nectar, pulp and juices.
  • For all this, our company has focused on all aspects related to its large-scale production.


Biomaqui, leader in the plant production sector, and pioneer in the production and marketing of maqui in Europe. Plant micropropagation specialists. Large plant production capacity, we obtain large quantities of elite genotype plants, with certified genetic and sanitary quality, in a short time. Our services do not end with the sale of the plant but we offer advice to our clients throughout the cultivation and we can establish fruit purchase agreements.


Biomaqui has a team of specialists with several years of experience in research, production and marketing of plants and other products. We carry out our own projects and in collaboration with other institutions. We provide various services to obtain the highest profitability from each plantation. We have our own production laboratories, with culture rooms and greenhouses, to fully develop the entire production process. Analytical laboratory with first-class technology and advanced equipment.

our plants

We offer excellent quality maqui plants.

Maqui – Aristoteliachilensis – is a tree native to southern Chile and Argentina, which produces a fruit with exceptional nutritional and medicinal properties, known and exploited by the ancient Mapuche culture.

An alternative

Maqui is an excellent alternative due to the growing popularity of this fruit, motivated by its outstanding content of bioactive components, especially anthocyanins of the delphinidinstype, which have a great capacity to eliminate free radicals.

Elite genotypes

We offer maqui plants of the main varieties currently in production in the world that have been developed in recent years.

With certified genetic and phytosanitary quality and adapted to survive in diverse environments.

Beyond plants

We provide consulting service throughout the production process.

  • Financial calculation
  • Soil preparation
  • Selection of planting frames
  • Cultural activities
  • Phytosanitary control

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According to numbers

R&D Projects
Number of years for new products


Based on a well-established system that prioritizes:

  • The quality of our products.
  • On-time delivery of the ordered product.
  • The development of new products and services.
  • The use of the most modern technologies in the development of our products.
  • Constant advice and support to our clients.

Aptitude and design

Bet on the maqui and you will not be alone!
You will have the support from our specialists in this crop who will make an exhaustive evaluation of all the bioclimatic and agronomic limiting or risk factors that will help you make the right decisions.

Technical assistance

From start to finish: Our clients will receive personalized advice on both new projects and established plantations.

Pruning and training

The different varieties present differences in growth habits and structure, which is why an appropriate pruning strategy is required and applied. Biomaqui will be at your side to guide you on the best pruning strategy in order to maximize yields.

Plant pathology

We carry out the necessary analyzes to guarantee optimal development, and we provide a complete pest and disease control strategy based on integrated pest management and adapted to the characteristics of the region.

Plant sale

We offer vigorous plants, adapted to survive in different environments, free of pests and diseases, obtained in a sustainable way and with genetic identity certification.

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